Mary visited us with her wavy hair, which was just waiting to be tamed. So she opted to go for a cut that would do just that :).

Lets see what Yoshiko did for Mary.
marynov6001 marynov6 004 marynov6 002 marynov6  003

She cut the ends and reduced the wavyness by straightening her hair by ironing.

marynow6 005 marynov6008 marynov6006 marynov6007

An amazing looking result. Mary’s cute straight hair gives her a completely different look.

Manuela had avoided coming to a hairsalon for a while after a bad experience. Lets see if we can’t change that for her? 😉
She wanted to brighten up her hair with some lighter color and shape up the cut a bit.
manuela#1 001 manuela#1 002 manuela#1 003 manuela#1 004

So Yoshiko chose to use a lot of highlights to achieve the brigther hair color effect. And then she gave her a cut, reducing a lot of her hair, making it look more complete.

manuela#1 009 manuela#1 010
manuela#1 011 manuela#1 013

In the end Manuela got what she deserved. A good looking cute haircut, with lots of bright highlights to give it the freshness and energy she was looking for.

Ludmilla came to Afrodita with the goal to get her fading color recharged and added some body to hair.

too brushy, fading out color, doesnt fit.recharged color, with a cut short, nice, matching.lots of body, looked too flat.

ludmilanov15 002
ludmilanov15 003 ludmilanov15 004 ludmilanov15 005

So Yoshiko cut a lot of hair away, giving her a shorter look. This way it would look less flat and create more exciting body. Her
hair color was also recharged.
ludmilanov15 006 ludmilanov15 008 ludmilanov15 009 nov315 011

The color gives her hair a whole new  shine, but the true style changer is the added volume. The hairstyle looks strong and bouncy, an awesome change! 😉

Brittany came to Afrodita as a first time customer and was in dire need of some professional help. After a bad experience at a japanese salon, she had been reluctant to visit another. So for three whole months without any treatment her fine hair had become damaged, grown out of shape and her natural darker hair had reclaimed her head and created a darker spot.
This couldn’t go on any longer, this had to change!
brittanynov16#1- 002 brittanynov16#1 003 brittanynov16#1 004
So what did Yoshino do for Brittany?
Yoshino decided to keep the length, but cut the dead ends to give her hair a fuller and proper shape again. She then continued to give her side bangs, which suits her face very well!
brittanynov16#1- 029 brittanynov16#1-028 brittanynov16#1 026
At last Yoshino gave her whole head highlights, to keep Brittany’s darker natural hair at bay, and add a more stylish look to her.
Take a look, the result speaks for itself. Mission accomplished!
We hope that Afrodita could finally give Brittany the good experience she deserved! 😉

Ashley came to Afrodita with a major change in mind.  She has naturally very frizzy and curly hair, and finally wanted to have it straight and with change to blonder color.

The problem though was that japanese straightening was out of the question. Since her fragile hair would likely receive too much damage from the treatment. So instead we opted to go for a safe brazilian blowout keratin treatment. This would strengthen the hair far more.


ashleynov2 002ashleynov2 003 ashleynov2 004 ashleynov2 008

Yoshiko added the blonde color with streaks, instead of coloring all of the hair in one tone, giving it depth even while being straight.

ashleynov2 009 ashleynov2 012 ashleynov20- 013ashleynov2 010

A grande change. Ashley got a total image change, we doubt even her family and friends won’t recognize her for a second. And in a good way ;).
The color suits her well, and the B.Blowout has done wonders to her hair. Its soft and straight looking, without seeming brittle.