Jonas has come a few time to Afrodita, and his hair had begun to grow quite a bit again. He wanted to slim up his whole haircut.


dec28 001 dec28 002 dec28 003

And Yoshiko set out to do just that. Cutting length in the side and back, while leaving still a bit of length.

dec28 007 dec28 009

At this length Jonas can do a slight sidesweep and have a cool looking hairstyle, though he has to come back again to maintain this type of haircut.

Take care Jonas! ;D

Maggi came early 10 in the morning. She knew what she wanted could take long time, but none of us were quite prepared just what would happen. She had always liked to experiment with haircolors and her current hair has been colored quite dark. Her real hair color she hadn’t seen for years. And now she wanted to go blonde. Full blonde, which she never had before. Dark hair as hers, doesnt simply go blond. dec21 004 dec21 003 dec21 005 So we took out the color and recolored it several times, with treatments to reduce the harshness on the hair. dec21 017 dec21 019 dec21 021 dec21 022 And in the end, just 10 hours later at closing time, her hair was finally blonde. The change is astonishing. It can be done folks! 😉 May the blonde light be with you!

Marissa had a FLD treatment at our salon. It’s quite a treatment, but she was determined to do it.

dec21 007 dec21 010 dec21 011

The Result is shiny, beautiful hair. The treatment really enhanced the brilliance of it, and she was very happy with it. 🙂