Regular Amanda decided to visit us  together with her friend Kristi, and asked for a cut and coloring job.


The top of her head had become rather dark at the roots, her natural blander hair was slowly but surely claiming but what was theirs. But Amanda didn’t wanna let that happen.


So Yoshiko gave her layered  highlights and lowlights with four different colors, which not only gave the hair a sense of being multi-dimentional, but also gave new life to it. Afterwards a new haircut was in place, and Yoshiko opted to shorten the hair slightly more in the back than in the front, and with one heavy bang over the eyes. Injecting a sense of both lightness and strength to her face at the same time.


Very happy with both their results,




Amanda more or less wanted the same color as last time, but ‘fresher’. She decided to go for a soft ombre color for her hair then and a bit of more contrast in the hair to spice it up would be ideal also.

amandaRaug17-579 amandaRaug17-576

So Yoshiko added the soft ombre and ashy color, and a bit of toner. At last she gave her a stylish cut.

amandaRaug17-588 amandaRaug17-580

And the result is awesome as always, especially the contrast gives her a cooler aura. ;D


Is more contrast possible? Well this time Amanda wanted to test those waters and go even further. A bob style hair shape was also something she had in mind again.

nov28 001 nov28 004 nov28 002

Yoshiko freshened her colors up again, added darker and lighter ones, with more contrast and then gave her the bob shape cut with a lovely sweep to the side.

nov28 018 nov28 023 nov28 020

Amazing cute result this time! Bobshape fits her well indeed.  Especially the side sweep looks good. Lets see what happens next time.

This time Amanda went for even shorter hair than before, and with a good amount of lowlights, giving her an overall cooler look. She had played with ligther colors for a while and it was time for her to try something different.

feb2014 032 feb2014 030 feb2014 027 feb2014 026
The highlights are also sharper than her usual ones, which were softer and tried to create less contrast. Looks awesome!

Stephanie wants to have hair cut to change her long waving hair. It was volumous and she wants it to be shorter and tidier.


Yoshiko cut it much shorter, reaching shoulder. She trimmed up hair in layers, gave it a natural look.

The volume was remarkable decreased and matched to face shape.

Stephanie got a fresh look with this short hair. She is also happy because the style helps her manage easily in daily care.

First time customer Yimen asked for a better look with her dark hair. Straightening was a good suggestion for her.



Yoshiko trimmed up her hair a little to have a beautiful shape, then do Japanese thermal straightening. This technique help straighten hair but maintain the natural look of it. She parted hair in center to give Yimen an Oriental beauty look.
Yimen changed significantly for a much more beautiful look. Her face is so charming now, and the new hair is glossy with nice shape.

Tatiana had colored her natural brown her herself with a lighter color. Unfurtunally it seemed a little bleached out, leaving her light her damaged and out of shape. So she wanted to get a color correction for her hair, and get a more natural vibe to her it again.

Yoshiko used a semi-permanent dark ash color than matched her requirements. The semi-permanent isn’t as rough on the hair as permanent color, thus being a bit kinder to her  delicate hair.  Afterwards the damaged ends were trimmed out, giving her hair a more vibrant appearance.

Getting your hair highligted can often be great, but going back to the roots and taking a more natural style can really look good. Like in this case.  The hairstyle itself didn’t change that much, but elegance was definitely achieved.

Anja’s hair was not very much styled when she came to Afrodita. Her hair grew naturally and hadn’t been cut for a while. She asked for a total change.

Anja DSCN4248


Under Yoshiko’s styling, Anja hair went short all over (which matched her requirement), tidy by sweeping to the side and have a slicker look than ever. She made short bangs that can tuck behind ear.

Anja DSCN4251

Anja DSCN4249

Anja looks definitely brighter with this pixy style. She impressed her characters by this way, and that was a dramatical change she needs.