Brittany finally got the haircut she deserved!

Brittany came to Afrodita as a first time customer and was in dire need of some professional help. After a bad experience at a japanese salon, she had been reluctant to visit another. So for three whole months without any treatment her fine hair had become damaged, grown out of shape and her natural darker hair had reclaimed her head and created a darker spot.
This couldn’t go on any longer, this had to change!
brittanynov16#1- 002 brittanynov16#1 003 brittanynov16#1 004
So what did Yoshino do for Brittany?
Yoshino decided to keep the length, but cut the dead ends to give her hair a fuller and proper shape again. She then continued to give her side bangs, which suits her face very well!
brittanynov16#1- 029 brittanynov16#1-028 brittanynov16#1 026
At last Yoshino gave her whole head highlights, to keep Brittany’s darker natural hair at bay, and add a more stylish look to her.
Take a look, the result speaks for itself. Mission accomplished!
We hope that Afrodita could finally give Brittany the good experience she deserved! 😉