And along came Crystal. With incredible smooth and fine hair, but a slight need of touch on her roots. Overall her colors needed to be recharged a bit, including some general maintanance things.

crystaljunkeaug22-597 crystaljunkeaug22-598 crystaljunkeaug22-605

So Yoshiko patched up her roots, recharged the colors and gave her a brief cut, especially underneath all her thick hair.  This should make the overall appearance of the hair lighter and more energic, without changing the hairline.


crystaljunkeaug22-606 crystaljunkeaug22-607 crystaljunkeaug22-608

The result can be summed up in one word. Brilliance. Crystal, what a fitting name ;), loved it aswell. It’s a nice style fitting her very well. We’ll be glad to recharge her hair anytime again.

Anne had the same hairstyle for many years in the UK. Now in Japan, she felt it was time to change that, any haircut can become dull after watching it too long in the mirror. All she knew she wanted was it to become shorter. Lets see what happened.

Anne DSCN4518 Anne DSCN4519

They decided on a pixie cut, which is quite the leap from the straigth cut lines in her prior style. Yoshiko cut it very short in the back, and kept a bit infront.

Anne DSCN4520 Anne DSCN4521

Anne DSCN4522

The result is absolutely awesome, it’s hard to believe it’s the same person. But it’s just not her stunning hair, but also her smile which is invoking new glamour  and brilliance in the picture. Which isn’t too odd considering how happy she was with her new haircut.
Never underestimate a changeover. 😉

With first the success the first time, Anne is back for maintaining her short pixie cut. Opting to go even shorter this time, especially on the sides.

annebowles#2nov29 003 annebowles#2nov29 007
See you soon again Anne! ;D

Ludmilla came to Afrodita with the goal to get her fading color recharged and added some body to hair.

too brushy, fading out color, doesnt fit.recharged color, with a cut short, nice, matching.lots of body, looked too flat.

ludmilanov15 002
ludmilanov15 003 ludmilanov15 004 ludmilanov15 005

So Yoshiko cut a lot of hair away, giving her a shorter look. This way it would look less flat and create more exciting body. Her
hair color was also recharged.
ludmilanov15 006 ludmilanov15 008 ludmilanov15 009 nov315 011

The color gives her hair a whole new  shine, but the true style changer is the added volume. The hairstyle looks strong and bouncy, an awesome change! 😉

What Jam wanted from Yoshiko was straigth forward. A simple cute bobstyle haircut, and with her long hair, this should be easily done. We’ve seen a lot of pretty bobstyle haircuts here lately.

jamsept14-769 jamsept14-768 jamsept14-767

First she had to get a lot of her volumnius hair thinned out, and to give the haircut a proper form Yoshiko opted to straigten it. That way it should fall nicely into the right bobstyle.

jamsept14-771 jamsept14-770

The result is an amazing bobstyle with wonderful looking bangs. Jam was really happy with this cut, it was just the cute style she had been looking for.
And it does match her well.

Jakes hair had not only gotten pretty wild, but also quite messy. He has a lot of hair on his head right now, which he wanted reduced and a bit less ’round’ look to it.

jakesept15-772 jakesept15-776 jakesept15-773

Yoshiko cut a lot of of the thick hair away,  making the ends appear spikier, aswell as giving his front hair a japanese hair straightening to ensure that it wouldn’t sweep to the side with the haircut she had in mind.

newcopy 850 jakesept15-780 jakesept15-778 jakesept15-777

Jakes hair might still look wild, but wild on purpose, a cool wild. He got a incredible look, with a few hair strands sticking out. This was just what he had in mind, which is perfect! 😉