Rachel wanted curly hair. Her ends had also begun to split, so that needed some attention, but she mainly wanted to get some fancy curly hair, and w’d love to help.

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With damaged split ends cut, and ironing her long wavy hair into curls, a new look was created for her.

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The result is princess likeness hairstyle, it suits Rachel wonderfully. Hope you enjoyed your curls!We had fun.

Rebecca needed to get a hold of her curly hair. Curly hair is nice, but without control, it can become frizzi and hard to maintain.

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Ends were cut, frizziness was reduced, laughs were had. 😉

dec21 015

Rebecca was pleased with her hair. Looking more bouncy, and gotten rid of the frizzy ends, she was now ready for everyday tokyo life!

Richard wanted to have a fresh new cut for going partying in shibuya. His current hair was just too out of shape, and he wanted to change that.

dec6 001

Yoshiko cut his sides, and back, give it some style and here go.

dec6 003

Richard was happy with his haircut, but was determined to rate its success on the luck he’ll have with tonights girls in shibuya.

We wish you luck Richard! 😀