Kelly had not had her hair cut for ages, came with her cute son.

She wanted a short bob style, also something easy to maintian.



As on the picture, she had a quite long regrowth on the surface of the style. Therefore, Yoshiko recommended her to have short layers on the bob to get rid of most of lighter colored ends.

But, Yoshiko also would leave some of it as the high light, blending into her natural color.




This is the result. It’s nice and soft round shaped bob, also the color has blended pretty well, even only by the hair cut! Then, this type of bob usually tends to go look heavier, but because of layers, it did not look so, also those style which is heavy out line with lighter layers on top is nicely easy to style!

She had came to us for a hair cut and coloring, She hadn’t been to salon little while, therefore she had quiet long regrows from the roots to the midle, then towards the end, there were some bit faded orange high light.


This time, she basically wanted to go darker, but wanted to leave some lighter part somehow.

So, Yoshiko recommended her to leave the lighter parts from temple area to nape area which is only a under part of head. Also few of them around fringe area by hoil works. Then Yoshiko and Lauren decided to put redish orange toner on the lighter part.



As the result, nice red color coverd by cool dark brown, both colors mixed with the orange color a bit, so even the darker color, it didn’t make look heavy at all.

More than anything else, the color made her skin clear, it did go with her!

Samantha had had a some length of regrowth from the roots, and few different colors by high light through the middle to the end.

She wanted to go little bit darker this time, bit more quiet color. but also, she wanted to leave some lighter part on the end of hair as an accent.



So, yoshiko decided to use the high light part where she had in this time, and adding other few around front area. Then, put natural dark color which is same tone as her natural. Her natural hair color was really nice, actually.



So this is the result. From the roots to end, it’s getting lighter naturally, there are high lights from the middle covering more of parts towards the end. And few low lights which is a little bit darker than the base color made it even better!

Adrienne had had pretty different colors, specifically from roots to middle of the hair.

There were 3 kind of colors which were few high lighted blond part, light brown part, and her natural part.

Also, there were few damage part in ends of hair, usually the ends part gets damage, just because the hair grows from the roots, so the end would be an oldest part of hair. Especially, from  coloring, the damage on hair could go worse, so, bleaching is much worse.



Therefore, to not touch the damege part, Yoshiko recommended her to meet the brown color into the blond color, gradually. Because, Adrienne wanted to keep certain length. Even though, she was going to cut off  damage part later, the blond part would be left.




This is the result! Actually, Yoshiko put the toner with the protection to get rid of yellow a bit,  and of course, to protect the hair.

It’s naturally and beautifully blending in!!

Another Men’s style again, Steven had came to us by the recommendation of his friend.

He wanted to have it short and thining out a lot, he felt it’s out of shape.



So, yoshiko recommended him to have nicely thining out and not cut it too short.

The length that can still feel movement on the hair.




Then the result. Now, he’s got nice movement all around, it shapes piece by piece, although, it shapes as the style. It’s easy to find it on right picture.