Michela already has really beautiful hair, but she wanted to go a bit brighter and get some more shine to her hair.

michaelaolson513michelaolson514 natashasept20-795

So Yoshiko patched up bit of her roots and added toner for an overall better expression of the hair, plus a couple of high and lowlights as the finish.
michelaolson518 michelaolson 519 michelaolson520 michelaolson521 michelaolson 522

The result is beautiful shiny hair. Michela has truely received shiny golden like hair now. Who wouldn’t like at least once to have as silky fine straight hair as Michela just once?
Magnificent! 😉

When Eric came to us, his hair had gotten really long, he wanted to cut it down a good deal.


Its a good thing that Yoshiko knows how to handle a scissor, she cut the most of the length of the hair, especially at the sides. And a new Eric saw the light of day.


erikaug31-634 erikaug31-635
His new hairstyle fits him really well. Eric looks happy in the picture, so we’re happy. But maybe he just heard a joke at the moment when the picture was taking and thats why he’s happy, who knows? 😉
Have a nice day everyone!



Junko is already a cute girl, but she has had long hair for a long time and wanted to get a cute short haired look. Lets see if thats possible, shall we?

junkoaug17-561 junkoaug17-562

So Yoshiko basicly chopped down her hair, gave her a fitting sideweeep bang to frame her face.

junkoaug17-570 junkoaug17-571

Incredible enough she could in fact get cuter. She should have tried this hairstyle alot earlier, this bobstyle haircut really fits her well.
Take care junko! 🙂


It was Melinda’s first visit at Afrodita and she wanted to try something new she never had before. She wanted to do the permanent japanese hair straightening. Normally she would only iron her hair, but the japanese weather has been so humid that it was impossible to maintain and manage her frizzy hair.

Yoshiko gave her the permanent japanese hairstraightening which will last for about 6 months.

melindaaug14-592 melindaaug14-593

Her curls are gone. Now she has stylish straigth hair. We hope that Melinda finally can keep her straigth hair without the need to iron it every day anymore.

Andrea had a really bad experience at another salon before coming to Afrodita. Two months before she had gotten her hair cut, but with too many layers. The result being too short hair on top, with too long ends.
She wanted to repair this damage, aswell as add a few highlights. But not that many, she still wanted to keep it conservative.

andrea#1-july21 454andrea#1-july21 453 andrea#1-july21 452

So Yoshiko did what she could to balance hair out again. Primarily cutting alot at the bottom and fixing the layers throughout. A few subtle highlights were added.

andrea#1-july21459 andrea#1-july21 458

Andrea was very happy with the result and it’s not hard to see why. Balance has returned, and looks exceptional pretty on her now. The hinted highlights add touch of style to it. While not going overboard.