When Katie came to us, her dark roots had become very visible. She had gotten colored her hair light blonde previously, which is why her reappearing roots look even more menacing. So she difinitely wanted to do something about that.

So she also wanted bangs, and a slightly more natural color.

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So what Yoshiko did was patch up the roots, and then give all the hair darker and warmer colors, mixing it up and going away from the uniform look.


katieminaminov3 009 katieminaminov3 010 katieminaminov3 008 katieminaminov3 006


Wow! The bangs suit her face alot. But most noticeable about the change is the color. It has an energetic and lively shine to it now.
Only a little bit was cut in length, but overall the result is stunning.

slicked pixie cut, major change.hair chopped off.She wanted a real big change, came to visit from america.Was traveling.
Robin wanted a major change. She had beautiful long hair for a long while, but now something different was on her mind, and nothing could stop her for pursuing that style.
So what did Yoshiko do for her?

robinsept13-758 robinsept13-759

She chopped off her hair.
Quite literarly, most of her hair was cut off, leaving her with a very short pixie haircut.

robinsept13-763 robinsept13-764 robinsept13-765yoshiko_camera 086

What a change! The new slicked Pixie hair cut suits Robin fantasiticly well, it’s quite a change, hard to believe its the same person if we wouldn’t have documented on camera.

Sheryl has naturally wavy and frizzy hair. She wanted to get rid of the frizziness with a straigtening, but she still wanted some degree of waviness to it.

sheryl 515 sheryl 517

Yoshiko gave her a japanese hair straigthening, which really got rid of all of her frizzy hair. 
michelaolson523 michelaolson 525

But just straigth hair wasn’t what sheryl was going for, so she added big wavy parts to her ends.

sheryl 526 sheryl  527

The result is this beautiful straight and wavy looking hair. The waves at the bottom really give it an elegance.