Manuelas brighter hair color!

Manuela had avoided coming to a hairsalon for a while after a bad experience. Lets see if we can’t change that for her? 😉
She wanted to brighten up her hair with some lighter color and shape up the cut a bit.
manuela#1 001 manuela#1 002 manuela#1 003 manuela#1 004

So Yoshiko chose to use a lot of highlights to achieve the brigther hair color effect. And then she gave her a cut, reducing a lot of her hair, making it look more complete.

manuela#1 009 manuela#1 010
manuela#1 011 manuela#1 013

In the end Manuela got what she deserved. A good looking cute haircut, with lots of bright highlights to give it the freshness and energy she was looking for.