Ludmilla increases body on hair with a cut.

Ludmilla came to Afrodita with the goal to get her fading color recharged and added some body to hair.

too brushy, fading out color, doesnt fit.recharged color, with a cut short, nice, matching.lots of body, looked too flat.

ludmilanov15 002
ludmilanov15 003 ludmilanov15 004 ludmilanov15 005

So Yoshiko cut a lot of hair away, giving her a shorter look. This way it would look less flat and create more exciting body. Her
hair color was also recharged.
ludmilanov15 006 ludmilanov15 008 ludmilanov15 009 nov315 011

The color gives her hair a whole new  shine, but the true style changer is the added volume. The hairstyle looks strong and bouncy, an awesome change! 😉