Davina was pretty clear on what she wished for from Yoshiko.  Read more

Chelsea needed a curt but not just ant cut. What Yoshiko did for her was to  give lots of body on top, long layers  and cut off some length. Read more

Chris came into Afrodita Yokohama Hair Salon  in need of something special and short for the long HOT Japan summer ahead. Read more

Natasha wanted Yoshiko to give a nice ash colour.

Yoshiko combined 3 different colours to achieve this perfect result for Natasha. The combination of highlights and lowlights and toner really added an extra kick to her look.



The second time Natasha came to Afrodita she wanted to go a bit different route. Normally many fine highlights are used, but in this care she wanted to have a few bigger ones, but not as strong in color contrast.


natashasept20-795 natashasept20-794

First Yoshiko made her overall hair a bit darker as Natasha had requested, then she added chanky highlights and layered her hair into a more sophisticated style.

natashasept20-815 natashasept20-814 natashasept20-813


Her layered hair really does the trick. The highlights really make this style beautiful on Natasha, it was a good choice to go a bit darker before adding them.

Over time her hair had dried out was severely damaged and now had multiple colours. Lissette was in need of some Yoshiko magic.

It would take Yoshiko more than 6 hours to; moisturize, colour and cut and style with full bangs and layers. The end result was a awesome warm lighter ash brown colour. Looks Great! 🙂