Basic Perm

General perm techniques are used for waves and nuanced styles. We use 4 different kinds of perm solutions that have been specially-formulated for different hair types.

¥10,000 & up

Digital Perm

¥15,000 & up

Straight Perm

We use the “Straight A” technique to straighten wavy, frizzy, or permed hair. Our perm solution contains the amino acid cysteine which helps to gently straighten waves and curls without damaging your hair. Also, if your hair has a lot of volume, this treatment helps to bring it under control so you can style your hair more easily.

¥11,000 & up

Thermal Hair Straightening

Thermal hair straightening causes little damage to hair, creating a soft feel and glossy look. Our hair iron’s heat penetrates through each strand of hair, straightening it from the core, making it easy for you to change your hair style.

Priced as per Consultation

Digital Perm + Straight Perm

Priced as per Consultation


(Prices do not include Sales Tax)