Erica wanted a major cut at Afrodita. She has long, wavy hair, and she was going for something short and straigther.

Erica DSCN4375
Yoshiko decided to give her a asssymetric cut, with long bangs at one side. She had two do a double cut on them to create the effect she was going for. Which meant cutting in shorter underneath, and keeping it longer on the outside, a disconnecting cut.

Erica DSCN4376
Erica DSCN4377 Erica DSCN4378

It suits her face really well, she was happy with the cut, so we were also happy.

Until next time!

Pamela wanted to try something special this time. A cool sharp  popular cut worn by many stars, like the actress Lisa Rinna. Wispy bangs with some awesome locks. Lets see what Yoshiko could do for her.
pamelaashley 528

There was not much dimension and texture to Pamelas hair before Yoshiko touched it, so that difinitely needed work. So Yoshiko gave her a few honey hued highlights for the depth and dimension. That way the layers she added will show off a lot better.

pamelaashley533pamelaashley  532pamelaashley  530

The result is an astonishing new look for Pamela. Her new hair radiates a strong aura that fits her well.
No wonder this haircut is popular among stars.

Matt had shiny, steady style hair when he came to Afrodita. However, he and his wife ;D wanted a different look for him, they wanted him to look younger and cooler. And loosely based on some Brad Pitt pictures. Lets see how it went.

Matt DSCN4343

Matt DSCN4344


Yoshiko was happy to oblige. First she cut sides shorter, made it spiky on top and gave texture on it. And let’s see the result!

Matt DSCN4349 Matt DSCN4350

Matt DSCN4351

Matt got a wild change with his cut. He was very happy with the cut, but the final verdict was was up to his wife, who luckily loved it. ;P
Sometimes it’s so easy to cut some years off your  age’bank account’ if you desire that.

Take care!

Rachel just wanted a cut when she came to us. She especially wanted to shape it up into layers and get a sidebang to frame her face.


Her natural wavy hair made it easy for yoshiko to create extravagant wavy layers. The ends were cut, and bang added.




The result is awesome curly hair. Her cute new sidebang really fits her face nicely. She didn’t want a fix for her past darker hair color at the bottom though, that might be for another time around.

Take care Rachel! ;D


So Sandra just wanted some small touch ups on her hair. It had gotten a bit too long, but she was also tired of the imbalanced highlights she had.


Yoshiko cut the ends, gave her some good looking layers and framed it around her face.
sandra 602 sandra600

The second time Sandra came she wanted a bit less layers, but straighter hair.
So Yoshiko gave her a japanese thermal hair straightening. She also requested her whole head highlighted.

sandrasept5-641 sandrasept5-640

Resulting in straight smooth and fantastic looking hair for Sandra 😀