Crystal gets a touch of brilliance.

And along came Crystal. With incredible smooth and fine hair, but a slight need of touch on her roots. Overall her colors needed to be recharged a bit, including some general maintanance things.

crystaljunkeaug22-597 crystaljunkeaug22-598 crystaljunkeaug22-605

So Yoshiko patched up her roots, recharged the colors and gave her a brief cut, especially underneath all her thick hair.  This should make the overall appearance of the hair lighter and more energic, without changing the hairline.


crystaljunkeaug22-606 crystaljunkeaug22-607 crystaljunkeaug22-608

The result can be summed up in one word. Brilliance. Crystal, what a fitting name ;), loved it aswell. It’s a nice style fitting her very well. We’ll be glad to recharge her hair anytime again.