Jake wants a wilder look.

Jakes hair had not only gotten pretty wild, but also quite messy. He has a lot of hair on his head right now, which he wanted reduced and a bit less ’round’ look to it.

jakesept15-772 jakesept15-776 jakesept15-773

Yoshiko cut a lot of of the thick hair away,  making the ends appear spikier, aswell as giving his front hair a japanese hair straightening to ensure that it wouldn’t sweep to the side with the haircut she had in mind.

newcopy 850 jakesept15-780 jakesept15-778 jakesept15-777

Jakes hair might still look wild, but wild on purpose, a cool wild. He got a incredible look, with a few hair strands sticking out. This was just what he had in mind, which is perfect! 😉