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When Kat came to us, her blonde hair had started to fade and become ashy. She wanted to touch it up and get a more stylish look to it.
Kat DSCN4327   Kat DSCN4328

Yoshiko colored her hair with a goldish tone. Highlights with the color honey wheat was added to the whole of Kat’s hair. Afterwards she got it  trimmed up, straightened and made the bangs smooth and nice.


Kat DSCN4329Kat DSCN4330

The result is amazing. She end up with preciser and smoother hair and you can really feel the powerful aura of honey radiate from her.

Thats honey wheat for you 😉

Janie has blonde hair, but darker roots had been sprouting on the top of her head for quite a while she came to Afrodita. It had also become wavy which needed some attention.
Janie DSCN4550 Janie DSCN4551 Janie DSCN4552

First up, Yoshiko did a touch up, she added highlights with a golden beige tone to refresh her hair color. She trimmed up the damaged parts, then added style to it. Finally, Janie’s hair was straightened to give it the finish.

Janie DSCN4553 Janie DSCN4556 Janie DSCN4557 Janie DSCN4558 Janie DSCN4559

The new golden streaks bring some shininess and life back to the hair, it also looks healthier and fresher now.

Joel wanted a drastic change for his thick wavy hair. It was difficult for him to style his hair everyday, so he asked for a different hairstyle at his sides.

Joel DSCN4631 Joel DSCN4632 Joel DSCN4633

Yoshiko gave him nothing less than a Mohican haircut, which she cut very short at the sides and left the hair longer at the top. A lot of texture also helped to decrease the volume of hair.

Joel DSCN4634 Joel DSCN4635 Joel DSCN4636

As always, a Mohican style brings about a cool appearance for the ones who possess it.  And this case was no different.
Enjoy it Joel! And see you next time. 🙂

Regular customer Kiyomi wanted to have a color correction for her faded out blonde hair. Besides that, a new haircut was suggested to her.
Kiyomi DSCN4562 Kiyomi DSCN4563

Yoshiko restored Kiyomi’s color with these 3 colors: Bright highlights, deep pink  and purple. This might sound a little extreme at first, but the combination of these three charming colors is what brings forth her hairs hidden potential.She also got asymmetrical bob blunt cut ,which is very compatible with her face. A bit of glamour with some basic style makes this fit well with her.

Kiyomi DSCN4564 Kiyomi DSCN4565 Kiyomi DSCN4566 Kiyomi DSCN4567 Kiyomi DSCN4568

Kiyomi’s hair became nice after all of these changes in color and style. She is satisfied with her new look, and so are we.

Take care!

Jenna came to Afrodita with dark blonde hair and asked for a total recoloring. She wanted to go black and change her image.
Jenna DSCN4296 Jenna DSCN4297

So Yoshiko colored with dark brown color to give a sharper appearance, afterwards she gave her a trim and created some layers and texture for depth and volume.

Jenna DSCN4301

She got what she asked for. 🙂  The dark hair gives her a stronger and fiercer look, while her glasses gives it a cute finish.
Also, blending in with japanese crowds is a lot easier now. ;P