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Diana has beautiful curly hair, But she had not had hair cut for ages.

This time, she wanted keep the length, and something easy to maintain.


Yoshiko suggested her to give layers all around, but especially on top area.

To use her natural curl and give it beutiful movement to it, she cut it in dry-cut technique called “de-pincesu”.









This is the result! Now, her beaytiful curl has it shape. Also, yoshiko thined some hair down in particular sections underneath, this makes it easy to manage the hair for her!

She had been having half head high lights every time, therefore, she wanted to have beautifully even full head high light.



Even from the chink between surface of hair, her natural color came out. And of course, all under the crown area were, too. Those made it looks dull.

Therefore, yoshiko decided to put some light gold which can be gradually blending into the lighter ends.



This is the result!


As you see, it’s almost one color. But, It’s gradually getting lighter from the roots to the end, because by takeing hair in particular slicies, yoshiko left few of her natural color. This could make natural and definition coming together!


Claire is another regular customer of our salon.

Actually, she had had her style change few month ago. But, it was a great change, so this time, we’d love to post it here.



This is the “before”, as you see she had quite long style.


This is the “after”, short layers all around the back, covering her head shape beautifully.

Then getting gradually longer towards the front with the edgy angle.

This is the result of “this time”, it’s still the same style, from underneath the side to the nape area, its really short. And a little tip for arranging the style on the right picture, really suits her!




Simple style change of men’s hair cut.




Jose had have quite long style. He wanted something nice ‘n’ short.




Now, he’s got what he wanted. It’s also good for Japanese summer humidity, he can get on with cool style!