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First time customer Jonathan had straight thick hair, which was very difficult for him to style. He asked for a hair cut and and a decrease hair volume, so that he finally could hope to have a bit control over it again.
Jonathan DSCN4479

Yoshiko cut his hair very short at sides, while leaving longer hair on the top. This way Jonathan was able to make create spikes, pointing forward, quite well. A lot of texture was also added to shape up his thick hair.

Jonathan DSCN4482

What a change for this cool guy! He looks much more active and fresh with this style. And see how well the hair style and his beard match now.

Now you can finally get wild with your gel Jonathan, have fun!

First time customer John had wavy and thick hair. It was rather long and out of shape, so he wanted a more formal look to his hair.

John DSCN4607 John DSCN4608 John DSCN4609

Yoshiko cut his hair shorter and shaped up all the wavy parts.

John DSCN4612 John DSCN4613

Johns new hair cut is slicker and feels more organized. Well now he’ll be ready for jobinterviews and dates, whatever he will use his new haircut for, one advantage it has for sure.
You need less soap in the shower! ;p

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Nice Block Cut for Sam

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Another Men’s style again, Steven had came to us by the recommendation of his friend.

He wanted to have it short and thining out a lot, he felt it’s out of shape.



So, yoshiko recommended him to have nicely thining out and not cut it too short.

The length that can still feel movement on the hair.




Then the result. Now, he’s got nice movement all around, it shapes piece by piece, although, it shapes as the style. It’s easy to find it on right picture.