Matt had shiny, steady style hair when he came to Afrodita. However, he and his wife ;D wanted a different look for him, they wanted him to look younger and cooler. And loosely based on some Brad Pitt pictures. Lets see how it went.

Matt DSCN4343

Matt DSCN4344


Yoshiko was happy to oblige. First she cut sides shorter, made it spiky on top and gave texture on it. And let’s see the result!

Matt DSCN4349 Matt DSCN4350

Matt DSCN4351

Matt got a wild change with his cut. He was very happy with the cut, but the final verdict was was up to his wife, who luckily loved it. ;P
Sometimes it’s so easy to cut some years off your  age’bank account’ if you desire that.

Take care!

Syed came with his hair curly and quite out of shape. He wants to change his image, and by haircut alone, and a wild one is okay.

He had a good try of wildness with a soft Mohican style. Hair in both sides was cut short, why the middle part remains a little longer. His curly hair matched nicely with this style. With some hair wax, let’s see how he changed!

Syed’s new hair gave him a totally different image. Not only does it look quite cool, but his attitude seemed to change rather abruptly aswell ;D haha. This new hair is also easy for him to style himself every day.

Rock on Syed!

Rychill has thick hair, which he hasn’t been able to style with on his own. He wants it lighter and more stylish so he can play around with it.

Yoshiko cut his hair short at the back and sides, followed by a partial disconnection style. Then gave it texture to decrease hair volume, to make it less imposing.

Rychill’s look was changed  a lot by this new hair style, he got more youthful and energic look to him now, which really comes from his shorter hair in the sides and back. Also, styling his hair now won’t be a problem from now on.

First time customer Randy asked for a simple haircut. He wants it to be tidy and neat, to fit his his steady character.

Yoshiko cut his hair shorter, shaped in the two sides and gave some texture on the top. This style itself is nice, and will help him to style his hair easily  whenever he wants to.

Sometimes, a 30 minutes hair cut is all what you need to get a great look. Randy was quite surprised and pleased when checking it himself in the mirror. Glad to make you happy Randy. ;P


Joel wanted a drastic change for his thick wavy hair. It was difficult for him to style his hair everyday, so he asked for a different hairstyle at his sides.

Joel DSCN4631 Joel DSCN4632 Joel DSCN4633

Yoshiko gave him nothing less than a Mohican haircut, which she cut very short at the sides and left the hair longer at the top. A lot of texture also helped to decrease the volume of hair.

Joel DSCN4634 Joel DSCN4635 Joel DSCN4636

As always, a Mohican style brings about a cool appearance for the ones who possess it.  And this case was no different.
Enjoy it Joel! And see you next time. 🙂