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Nicola and his fast short cut.

Nicola came for a fast cut to make him look a little more awesome than he already is, hard job. 😉 Yoshiko focussed on cutting the sides and back, while maintaining more hair on the top. With a little wax, this can be styled accordingly.   And a possibly more awesome version of Nicola?We think […]

Martina receives a wispy pixie cut.

Martina came again to Afrodita with her husband and we all had a wonderful time. But more importantly, what did she want to do with her hair? She got a lot of it, so she wanted to tidy it abit up. Yoshiko gave her a good pixie haircut, which is closer to her natural hairshape. […]

Frances root touch up and layers.

Frances roots were reclaiming the top of her head, a common problem we’ve noticed here at the salon. 😉 So the first thing Yoshiko did was retouch the roots of her color, giving it back the fresh look from when she had it colored the first time. Then she cut it and layered it around […]

Elke receives 5 step moisture treatment for damaged hair.

So when Elke came to Afrodita she had already played a little with her hair on her own. She had colored in darker before and wanted it be a little lighter again. Though she was afraid that it had become somewhat damaged from all the coloring she had. She was right. So we decided to […]

Aksel gets more texture for his anime hair.

So Aksel came to Afrodita with a very interesting request. He was going to a costume party with his friend and had to have his hair improved a little upon. So have you heard of Onepiece? It’s a famous japanese anime, and Aksel wanted to look like ‘Sanji’ from One piece.Yoshiko is generally up for […]