Aksel gets more texture for his anime hair.

So Aksel came to Afrodita with a very interesting request. He was going to a costume party with his friend and had to have his hair improved a little upon.
So have you heard of Onepiece? It’s a famous japanese anime, and Aksel wanted to look like ‘Sanji’ from One piece.Yoshiko is generally up for any challenge, this one included.

So lets see what she could do for him! ;D

akselioct31-001 akselioct31-002 akselioct31-003

His hair was generally a bit too flat to be considered ‘anime’  hair, which is more ‘all over the place’  and has a lot of texture. So Yoshiko texturized it and gave it more movement. Ofcourse while looking at a picture of Sanji.

akselioct31-004 akselioct31-007 akselioct31-006 akselioct31-005

The result is a wilder looking haircut, the texture adds the necesary anime look to it he was looking for.

Google Sanji from Onepiece to see if Yoshiko truely hit the nail on the head. 😉