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Ludmilla increases body on hair with a cut.

Ludmilla came to Afrodita with the goal to get her fading color recharged and added some body to hair. too brushy, fading out color, doesnt fit.recharged color, with a cut short, nice, matching.lots of body, looked too flat. So Yoshiko cut a lot of hair away, giving her a shorter look. This way it would […]

Brittany finally got the haircut she deserved!

Brittany came to Afrodita as a first time customer and was in dire need of some professional help. After a bad experience at a japanese salon, she had been reluctant to visit another. So for three whole months without any treatment her fine hair had become damaged, grown out of shape and her natural darker […]

Ashleys Brazilian Blowout and highlights.

Ashley came to Afrodita with a major change in mind.  She has naturally very frizzy and curly hair, and finally wanted to have it straight and with change to blonder color. The problem though was that japanese straightening was out of the question. Since her fragile hair would likely receive too much damage from the […]

Ryan loses his curls.

Ryan, the son of the famous Coffee-specialist-man, was in dire need of a haircut. He had long, really curly hair and wanted something shorter and easier to maintain instead. So Yoshiko did her magic and gone were the curls. Shorter in front, sides and back, with a few spikes at the front for the casual […]

Pooja goes for a trim and shape up.

Pooja wanted a haircut without losing too much of the length. Hair hair had gotten slightly out of shape, so she wanted to fix up on that. So Yoshiko cut her ends, giviing her a good trim. Afterwards she shaped up her haircut, giving it a better overall look. A few layers were also added […]