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Anne had the same hairstyle for many years in the UK. Now in Japan, she felt it was time to change that, any haircut can become dull after watching it too long in the mirror. All she knew she wanted was it to become shorter. Lets see what happened.

Anne DSCN4518 Anne DSCN4519

They decided on a pixie cut, which is quite the leap from the straigth cut lines in her prior style. Yoshiko cut it very short in the back, and kept a bit infront.

Anne DSCN4520 Anne DSCN4521

Anne DSCN4522

The result is absolutely awesome, it’s hard to believe it’s the same person. But it’s just not her stunning hair, but also her smile which is invoking new glamour  and brilliance in the picture. Which isn’t too odd considering how happy she was with her new haircut.
Never underestimate a changeover. 😉

With first the success the first time, Anne is back for maintaining her short pixie cut. Opting to go even shorter this time, especially on the sides.

annebowles#2nov29 003 annebowles#2nov29 007
See you soon again Anne! ;D

Martina came again to Afrodita with her husband and we all had a wonderful time. But more importantly, what did she want to do with her hair?

She got a lot of it, so she wanted to tidy it abit up.

martina oct5 928 martina oct5  931 martina oct5  929

Yoshiko gave her a good pixie haircut, which is closer to her natural hairshape. She finished by giving her cool wispy bangs.

martinaoct5 940 martina oct5  938 martina oct5  937

Aaand here we have a cute wispy haircut, it its Martina very well. We hope you and your husband visit us again soon! ;P

Eli hadn’t payed attention to his hair for far to long, he wanted a more professional look to his hairstyle.

Eli DSCN4313

Yoshiko cut the sides alot, but left quite a bit of hair on the top. Then added Pomade styling wax to give his hair some shine and style.

Eli DSCN4314  Eli DSCN4316

He looks neat and cool now after the haircut. This shorter hairstyle fits him a lot better, since it also reveals more of his face. See you around again Eli!

Melyssa’s daughter is among the cutest customers we’ve had. She came in with her long wavy hair. And her mother asked for a change to her hair that looked good, aswell as being more convenient for play and maintaining.

Melissas daughter DSCN4526


With children, hair cut is the only styling method that is recommended. Asymmetrical bob was chosen to give this little girl a sprightly look.

Melissas daughter DSCN4527 Melissas daughter DSCN4528

Her blonde hair was cut shorter inher  back, longer in sides, and one side is longer than the other. The parting also was changed to show her face better.

Melissas daughter DSCN4529 DSCN4531

The little customer now looks even cuter :D, both her and her mother like this style very much. This short hair is also appropriate for children since it is easy to keep tidy and clean, and you dont have to do the brushing all the time, that children don’t always feel like doing.

Erica wanted a major cut at Afrodita. She has long, wavy hair, and she was going for something short and straigther.

Erica DSCN4375
Yoshiko decided to give her a asssymetric cut, with long bangs at one side. She had two do a double cut on them to create the effect she was going for. Which meant cutting in shorter underneath, and keeping it longer on the outside, a disconnecting cut.

Erica DSCN4376
Erica DSCN4377 Erica DSCN4378

It suits her face really well, she was happy with the cut, so we were also happy.

Until next time!