First time customer Randy asked for a simple haircut. He wants it to be tidy and neat, to fit his his steady character.

Yoshiko cut his hair shorter, shaped in the two sides and gave some texture on the top. This style itself is nice, and will help him to style his hair easily  whenever he wants to.

Sometimes, a 30 minutes hair cut is all what you need to get a great look. Randy was quite surprised and pleased when checking it himself in the mirror. Glad to make you happy Randy. ;P


First time customer Jonathan had straight thick hair, which was very difficult for him to style. He asked for a hair cut and and a decrease hair volume, so that he finally could hope to have a bit control over it again.
Jonathan DSCN4479

Yoshiko cut his hair very short at sides, while leaving longer hair on the top. This way Jonathan was able to make create spikes, pointing forward, quite well. A lot of texture was also added to shape up his thick hair.

Jonathan DSCN4482

What a change for this cool guy! He looks much more active and fresh with this style. And see how well the hair style and his beard match now.

Now you can finally get wild with your gel Jonathan, have fun!

Anja’s hair was not very much styled when she came to Afrodita. Her hair grew naturally and hadn’t been cut for a while. She asked for a total change.

Anja DSCN4248


Under Yoshiko’s styling, Anja hair went short all over (which matched her requirement), tidy by sweeping to the side and have a slicker look than ever. She made short bangs that can tuck behind ear.

Anja DSCN4251

Anja DSCN4249

Anja looks definitely brighter with this pixy style. She impressed her characters by this way, and that was a dramatical change she needs.

Laura came in to Afrodita with medium-length hair. Her request was to go shorter and end up with an asymmetrical bob.

laura DSCN4042 laura DSCN4043


laura DSCN4044

The hair in the back was long and full, but there was a lot of it and not a lot of style. They decided quite a bit should be trimmed off take make it more manageable. Along with this, the locks on the sides were trimmed up to take away some wisps.

laura DSCN4045 laura DSCN4046


laura DSCN4047

Yoshiko tamed Laura’s hair, and by cutting it short some of the waviness of the hair was removed. Laura now has short fringe with a nice, clean look.

When Adam came in, his hair was starting to curl to due its length. He asked for the curls to be taken care of and get the rest of his hair trimmed.

adam yoshiko_camera 229 - adam yoshiko_camera 228-


adam yoshiko_camera 230

Yoshiko cut his hair short on top to prevent curling in his strands, and it was made very short on the sides. Also, his neckline was raised in the back.

adam yoshiko_camera 238 adam yoshiko_camera 239


adam yoshiko_camera 233

The hair on top was then styled into chunky spikes with the front sweeping slightly to the side. Styling requires minimal effort and can be done in just a few minutes.