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Kristi came in with her friend, Amanda. Like her, Kristi’s roots were showing and needed to be touched up. She always wanted her hair colored, but a cooler color than usual.

yoshiko_camera 152 yoshiko_camera 150


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Before coming in, she had previously received a bad haircut elsewhere and wanted to fix it. Yoshiko trimmed it up a bit, but left as much length as possible.

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Yoshiko also wanted to control the balance of the hair, so she evened out the thickness. The result is straight locks with coloring that not only looks natural, but still has vibrancy and is sure to catch some looks.

When Amanda first came in to Afrodita, she had thick, dark roots showing. Along with getting those taken care of, she wanted to have her locks trimmed.

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Yoshiko gave Amanda highlights with lowlights to restore the blonde color desired. The combination adds a more full look to her hair.

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Afterward, Amanda’s hair was cut and styled to show more of her face. Yoshiko also added some texture to the hair to give it some depth.

For her next time in, she said she would get a major change and have her hair cut shorter.

Caroline came in with long, frizzy hair that she wanted made manageable. She had long roots that were in need of being touched up and ends that needed to be taken care of.

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Caroline received highlights and lowlights to brighten up her hair and catch the light. Yoshiko tried to equalize the color of her hair to give a uniform look.

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The ends of Caroline’s hair were damaged, so they were trimmed up just a bit. Yoshiko concealed the frizz by use of layering and adding texture and taking out some of the natural brass color in her hair.

In the end, Caroline’s hair looks healthy and shiny.

When Susan came in to Afrodita, her hair was frizzy and not laying straight. She wanted that look changed and asked Yoshiko for advice.

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Yoshiko gave Susan some highlights and lowlights (four colors). This helped make the hair look vibrant and catch the light.

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Along with the color,  Yoshiko performed a QOD (keratin treatment) on her hair. This helped correct the frizz in her hair and restore its health. The end result is smooth, silky hair where you can see different shades and colors to help make her hair “pop.”

Natalie came in expressing a concern about her roots showing. Yoshiko consulted with her about different options she could take.

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Natalie previously had a full head of highlights, and this time she wanted to go with a warmer color.

yoshiko_camera 012 yoshiko_camera 013

The end result can be seen above. Her roots were redone, and to go along with the warmer color she wanted, Yoshiko helped her hair pop by giving accented lowlights.

Along with that, Natalie had her hair trimmed to help give definition to her bangs.