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Cecile is a regular at Afrodita. Her hair had become messy and curly, again. So she needed to get ‘tidied up’. Which is something she’s a bit concerned about, because japanese salons have problems to manage that kind of hair. Luckily Yoshiko can take care of it! 😉
She also decided to get highlights done with natural medium ash as base color.

Cecile DSCN4459 Cecile DSCN4460 Cecile DSCN4461

Then Yoshiko cut back at the wild growth hair, and made it less voluminous. But she kept the nice waves allready present, we didn’t wanna straighten it away.
After the ash base color, high and lowlights were added to spice it all up, and then finished with a toner.

Cecile DSCN4462 Cecile DSCN4463 Cecile DSCN4464



The result is good looking smoother hair and the highlights add the youthfull energy. Suits her very well. At least someone can manage her hair ;D


Brenna came in to have her hair colored and to make a change to her style. She had a lot of hair to work with, so many options were available.

brenna yoshiko_camera 252 brenna yoshiko_camera 251


brenna yoshiko_camera 253 brenna yoshiko_camera 254

First, she went with a darker color than what she had. This meant a lot of lowlights. Two different colors were used to add depth to it, and then toner was applied to give it a natural finish.

brenna yoshiko_camera 255 brenna yoshiko_camera 257


brenna yoshiko_camera 258 brenna yoshiko_camera 259

She did keep some lighter parts in front for a bit of contrast. Afterward, for the cut she went with a shaggy bob. As a result, the back of Brenna’s hair now has a lot of texture to really show off the new coloring.

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