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Lisa didn’t want anything too fancy this time around, so she just went for a cut. But that doesn’t mean nothing big was gonna happen. She had long, volumous hair, lwhich was brighter at the ends from coloring in the past.

Lisa DSCN4452

Yoshiko kept most of the length but thinned out a lot.Texture was added and the form of her hair went from a A shaped, to more of a R shaped hairstyle, giving her more freedom and possibilities to do things with her hair, aswell has making it lighter.

Lisa DSCN4456
Lisa DSCN4457 Lisa DSCN4458

In the end Lisas hair also seems to have become darker due to the fact that most of her brighter ends where cut off, which gives it a more natural appearance. The thinned out hair is also less imposing and more sublte, which suits her very well.




The delightful Emma had a lot of wavy hair when she visited us, hair sure is nice, but sometimes too much can just be too much. So she wanted it a bit shorter, but not that much shorter.

Emma DSCN4352 Emma DSCN4353

So Yoshiko cut some length and added layers and thinned it out, to give the waves more playroom to move. This way her hair should have a better shape.

Emma DSCN4354 Emma DSCN4355

And sure enough, the end product is well shaped hair. Not too full, while giving off a natural feel.
Have a nice day Emma!




Rebekah’s blond hair had started to fade when she came to Afrodita. Dark color came out about 4-5 inches at the roots, and her hair had become too long and dry. It was also a little wavy, which she didn’t like too much, so she wanted to get it straightened aswell.




Yoshiko gave her a color correction by adding golden color to the roots. Thick bright highlights were applied to strands, giving her the warmer color effect she wanted.




Her hair was cut in length, bangs were also trimmed up and texture was added for a complete look. Layers were made and her hair is now straight and framed around the face.



The new hair changed her look considerably, it has a more natural appearance color now. Her face became so much brighter and more charming after this change. Probably due to happiness from the haircut 😀


Elizabeth came to Afrodita with her hair was not very stylish. She hadn’t changed her hair for a while, so it was long and out of shape. She asked to simply have a hair cut.

Elizabeth DSCN4233


Elizabeth DSCN4234

After Yoshiko doing hair cut, styling and adding texture on Elizabeth’s hair, she now has her hair touch shoulder, shaped and up-to-date. A brighter look is a big present for her pretty face.

Elizabeth DSCN4235


Elizabeth DSCN4236

Thanks to Yoshiko, Elizabeth is satisfied with the major change that new hair cut has brought to her style. She wants to visit Afrodita again for the further stylishness.

Kelly came in for a cut but didn’t want anything too dramatic. She already had long, healthy, and vibrant hair, so it was a simple visit.

Kelly DSCN4056 Kelly DSCN4058


Kelly DSCN4059 Kelly DSCN4060

The hair in the back was trimmed up a bit, and layers were added. She didn’t want much of a change, however, she did ask for some fringe in the front. Yoshiko gave her huge bangs and a little bit of a curl at the end of the locks that rest in front.