Lisa goes from A to R shaped hairstyle.

Lisa didn’t want anything too fancy this time around, so she just went for a cut. But that doesn’t mean nothing big was gonna happen. She had long, volumous hair, lwhich was brighter at the ends from coloring in the past.

Lisa DSCN4452

Yoshiko kept most of the length but thinned out a lot.Texture was added and the form of her hair went from a A shaped, to more of a R shaped hairstyle, giving her more freedom and possibilities to do things with her hair, aswell has making it lighter.

Lisa DSCN4456
Lisa DSCN4457 Lisa DSCN4458

In the end Lisas hair also seems to have become darker due to the fact that most of her brighter ends where cut off, which gives it a more natural appearance. The thinned out hair is also less imposing and more sublte, which suits her very well.