Neringa had had a high light last time from yoshiko.

This time, she wanted low light to get calm and cool color.








Also, yoshiko recomended to her to have toner after the low light, the color which is soft ashy tones to get a balance for all colors goes with.








For this result, Yoshiko gave it only the low light all around, due to where to place them, High light parts were much defined, even though cool ashy toner made them darker.

Neringa loved this color so much! As we did, of course! These cool colors really go with the summer!

Melissa had come to our salon with her friend, she was seeking for a straight hair.

She naturally had a nice wavy hair, which asian girls pays for it.

But, people always want what they don’t have.



In our salon, there are some type of straightening systems, each of them could give different result,  have a different texture, nuance.

After talking with yoshiko, she decided to have Japanese straghtening which could give her strong but beautiful straight.



This is the result! Japanese straghtening is a thermal straghtening system which can last forever unless the hair gets damages (Damage can bend the hair, especially ends part.).

Another advantage of the straight hair is the shine. the light tend to reflect easier on a plane surface than the uneven surface, of course.

Now she’s got a nice and shiny hair!!


Some customer tell us  the  product as they’ve been used in their country or from a previous salon, such as the No. of color. Sometime it works to get the rough image of what they want. On the other hand, it dosen’t, because there are few but specific differences between  product brands.

Even in the salon, we’re looking at each brand’s “color chart”,  we will find some differences on shades and tones. And also, there is a difference between Japanese product and foreign product, even it’s same brand, just because it’s the different pigment in hair, and of course, it’s different market. In some point, they have to make a difference.

This was actually good tips from one customer, when we had been talking with her she told us the product she had been having.


She was having half head high light and hair cut.

Of course, Yoshiko explained all differences of products, but from the No. of the color she told her, Yoshiko could easily get the image what she wanted.




Now, she has got what she wanted. Cut about 2 inch off, layered all around, finished with straght iron. Then, this is the color. It’s pretty close to her natural color, this light brown makes her skin looks clear!

Simpley retouching for the regrowth.


Apparently, she had had 2 tones. But, there were few of another color,  especially on the middle part where the color changes. It was guessed that meant to be done to make gradation between her natural color and the high light.

So,  yoshiko used 3 different colors to blend them together.



Then again, to not stand out the regrowth coming out, made it slightly lighter towards the ends.






Also, reshaped a firinge. It’s really nice on her!

She had been having half head high lights every time, therefore, she wanted to have beautifully even full head high light.



Even from the chink between surface of hair, her natural color came out. And of course, all under the crown area were, too. Those made it looks dull.

Therefore, yoshiko decided to put some light gold which can be gradually blending into the lighter ends.



This is the result!


As you see, it’s almost one color. But, It’s gradually getting lighter from the roots to the end, because by takeing hair in particular slicies, yoshiko left few of her natural color. This could make natural and definition coming together!