Differences of the product.


Some customer tell us  the  product as they’ve been used in their country or from a previous salon, such as the No. of color. Sometime it works to get the rough image of what they want. On the other hand, it dosen’t, because there are few but specific differences between  product brands.

Even in the salon, we’re looking at each brand’s “color chart”,  we will find some differences on shades and tones. And also, there is a difference between Japanese product and foreign product, even it’s same brand, just because it’s the different pigment in hair, and of course, it’s different market. In some point, they have to make a difference.

This was actually good tips from one customer, when we had been talking with her she told us the product she had been having.


She was having half head high light and hair cut.

Of course, Yoshiko explained all differences of products, but from the No. of the color she told her, Yoshiko could easily get the image what she wanted.




Now, she has got what she wanted. Cut about 2 inch off, layered all around, finished with straght iron. Then, this is the color. It’s pretty close to her natural color, this light brown makes her skin looks clear!