Joss medium short hair cut.

Joss had came up here in Japan for his 3 weeks holiday. While here, in Japanese humid summer, he needed a style that can get on with it.


Including his order, Yoshiko decided to cut it not too short, espacially the front area, but, still quite short on the side and the back.


As the result, all length are well connected, so it’s easy and simple to style them at home.Those different length between the fringe, textured crown area, and shorten side and back could sharpen the face line!


Now back in Japan Joss decided it was time for another cut.
Had gotten way too long again.



Yoshiko cut alot at the sides and in the back.

jossterenceaug30-628 jossterenceaug30-629 jossterenceaug30-630

And a new cool Joss has appeared! With a small sidebang and spikes this haircut is as refreshing as it is fresh.


Been living in japan for a while now, Joss has been visiting Afrodita regulary. Here he is once again, with his hair all too long. Though not as much as the first time he came. 🙂

March2014 007 March2014 009 March2014 010

Together, Joss and Yoshiko chose a hairstyle with a short cut at the sides, while leaving it longer on top.

March2014 017 March2014 022 March2014 023

Mission accomplished Joss! Good luck with Japan.