Katrien and Bart’s style change.


Katrien and Bart came to our salon to have a hair cut.

Both of them had not been having a hair cut for ages, Katrien had a long fluffy bob style, wanted to get it clean and neat. Bart wanted to get it something short, but it was only a rough idea.



For katrien, Yoshiko suggested her to have straightening, so she would have more choice.

But, unfortunately, she did not have enough time to do it this time. Instead of that, Yoshiko would teach her to style it with straight iron, later.


For Bart, the point he feels it’s unmanageable was always the side and back, and, Yoshiko thought it’s good to use the length on top and front. So, he agreed to go for disconected top and under.




The first result is Katrien. After explaining how to work with straight iron simply, Yoshiko also told her it’s ok to straighten only front and side area. Because, her natural curl can be nice accent to shape it on back area. It  depends on her feelings of the day!








The result for Bart. As the consultation, it’s disconected style that kept longer on top and much shorter the under. But, only from the back crown area, length was conected to keep nice round shape. It was the idea of fixing up the haed shape.