Digital permanent wave for Sheena.

There are some techniques you might see them only in Japanese salon, such as the permanent straightening, or wave…

Especially, for those permanent shaped techniques are pretty common here.

This time, Sheena had come to us to get nice curly style.

As those pictures, Sheena had a long and soft straght hair. She wanted to have beautiful bouncy curls from middle to ends, just like the curl made with curling tongs.



This is the result! After the digital perm, the only thing we need to do to finish it was a “drying”.

It’s one of the advantege for digital parm. Do not have to dry with the brush, also, do not need irons, tongs, all we need is hands with dryer.

There is one thing we do for finishing that is dividing  hair into 2 sections from nape area, bring them to the front, then with your finger, twist them all together with the heat.

Then, it can keep beautiful curl whole of the day!