When Elizabeth came to Afrodita, her hair was so fragile and she was afraid of any damage can happen to her hair if she does hair styling. Her goal was having a healthier hair and a bit darker color.

Elizabeth DSCN4265



Based on the fragile hair’s requirements, Yoshiko gave her demi-treatment including five steps of treatment, which can provide various nutrition needed to recover weak hair. Yoshiko also reshaped layers at the bottom of the strands, then colored her hair with semi-permanent rinse, ash dark brown color.

Elizabeth DSCN4266

Elizabeth DSCN4267

Added a little bit hair gloss, Elizabeth hair looks vigorous than ever. She has darker hair and no longer worries about damage problem.

Betta had her hair out of shape and color faded when she came to Afrodita. She needs to correct the color and do styling on her curl hair. What Yoshiko did for her was more than expected.

Betta DSCN4218

Yoshiko corrected color by adding three different colors subtly. She made it more briliant by some gold highlights, but not too drastic. The well combined colors gave Betta’s hair a very natural look.

Betta DSCN4221

Betta DSCN4224

Yoshiko also trimmed and shaped up the hair for a more stylish appearance. Betta’s hair is no longer curled but be framed around her face.

Betta DSCN4222


Betta DSCN4223

She has a wonderful look with this new hair. Betta is much younger and up-to-date. She was so happy that she would like to visit Afrodita much more in the future.

Angie has her hair damaged and not stylish . when she came to Afrodita. It was cut long time ago in a simple way. She needs deep treatment for her hair.

Angie DSCN4092


Angie DSCN4091


After Yoshiko cut and made layers, Angie’s hair looks much more shaped. The front part was combed out to show her face better.

Angie DSCN4093

She received head spa-scalp treatment for the special needs of her hair. Two different types of shampo were used, followed by clay mask to cleanse deeply from the pores.  She got massage in head which made her feel very good. The massage gives huge benefits for blood circulation and stimulates growth of hair follicles.

Angie DSCN4094

Angie DSCN4095

The total care leaves Angie a glossy vigorous looks in both her hair and her face. Villa Lodola hair care products were used for the best effects on hair’s health. She is totally satisfied with the results she got from Afrodita.

Kimberly came to Afrodita the first time to have hair cut. A  dramatical change came to her!

Kimberly DSCN4239

Her hair was not so much stylish with bang combed quite randomly and the end was not trimmed for a while. She wants to have a more stylish hair.

Kimberly DSCN4240

Yoshiko cut her hair in layers . The end part was trimmed, shaped up to frame around face and makes her face looks thinner.

Her bang was made to be thicker and side out to match with the whole hair style. This change also made her face looked more charming.

Kimberly DSCN4241

Kimberly’s hair is much more volumous and glossy. She looks more stylish with pretty thin face. How wonderful to become much younger just by having a hair cut! Kimberly will definitely have a second visit to Afrodita.


Henrike came to Afrodita for the first time to see what can be done to her fade out hair. She has hair colored brightly, and the natural darker color came out. The end of her hair also became a bit out of shape.

Henrike DSCN4242


Henrike DSCN4243


Henrike DSCN4244


Yoshiko did color tough up for her hair to have perfect color with heavy fine weaving highlighting.

Henrike DSCN4246

The ends of the hair was trimmed up about a inch and a little shaped up by blow-dry to give hair a vigorous appearance.

Henrike DSCN4247

The effects of hair brightening is so obviously. Brightening hair will brighten your face. Henrike is happy that the little change in hair style can cause considerable change to her face, and she has plan to come back Afrodita.