Fix up the style and the color for Nicole.

Nicole had wanted to have color and cut, and keratin treatment.

First of all, she had been having few high lighted part on front area, all the other are dark color. Then she had a naturally curly hair, so she wanted it straight, nice and easy maintenance.



For the color, she wanted reddish high light all over on the bit deeper dark brown base.

yoshiko got her idea for the color, and for keratin treatment, she picked  QOD from several types of them. QOD is one of the most famous product for the keratin treatment.



This is the finish result! She had high light, toner, keratin treatment on one day. Felt bit sorry for taking long time.. But, it is definitely worth it!

For the keratin treatment, it takes a time for sticking to the hair which means not be able to shampoo for 1 to 3days, depending on how straight it’s needed. The longer leave in, it gets heavier and more straighten, but, not as straghten as japanese straightening, though.