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When Miho came to Afrodita, she had long straigth hair, it was her typical style and she wanted to go for something fresh and new. It should be short and wavy.

Miho DSCN4072

First up Yoshiko gave her a major cut and got rid of most of her hair she had carried around with for so long, it was time for a change alright! She stopped right at the shoulders, then giving layers and texture to frame her face. Bangs were made shorter and swept following her eyebrow line. Afterwards a Digital perm was applied at the end parts for the soft wavy look.

Miho DSCN4073

Miho may surely have lost a lot of hair, but she has gained a lot in style instead. The short haired look suits her very well, she looks cute with it. It’s hard to believe it’s the same girl from the picture before.
What a haircut can do for you ;D

Joel wanted a drastic change for his thick wavy hair. It was difficult for him to style his hair everyday, so he asked for a different hairstyle at his sides.

Joel DSCN4631 Joel DSCN4632 Joel DSCN4633

Yoshiko gave him nothing less than a Mohican haircut, which she cut very short at the sides and left the hair longer at the top. A lot of texture also helped to decrease the volume of hair.

Joel DSCN4634 Joel DSCN4635 Joel DSCN4636

As always, a Mohican style brings about a cool appearance for the ones who possess it.  And this case was no different.
Enjoy it Joel! And see you next time. 🙂

First time customer John had wavy and thick hair. It was rather long and out of shape, so he wanted a more formal look to his hair.

John DSCN4607 John DSCN4608 John DSCN4609

Yoshiko cut his hair shorter and shaped up all the wavy parts.

John DSCN4612 John DSCN4613

Johns new hair cut is slicker and feels more organized. Well now he’ll be ready for jobinterviews and dates, whatever he will use his new haircut for, one advantage it has for sure.
You need less soap in the shower! ;p

Laura came in to Afrodita with medium-length hair. Her request was to go shorter and end up with an asymmetrical bob.

laura DSCN4042 laura DSCN4043


laura DSCN4044

The hair in the back was long and full, but there was a lot of it and not a lot of style. They decided quite a bit should be trimmed off take make it more manageable. Along with this, the locks on the sides were trimmed up to take away some wisps.

laura DSCN4045 laura DSCN4046


laura DSCN4047

Yoshiko tamed Laura’s hair, and by cutting it short some of the waviness of the hair was removed. Laura now has short fringe with a nice, clean look.