Nicole Beehn asked for a change for her straight light brown hair. It was in its natural state and she hadn’t done much with it as of yet. She wanted something fancy. Yoshiko suggested her to try a two-term color style, with pinky reddish on top and blond underneath. Then a digital perm to give it a very loose wave. She agreed.

Her hair was trimmed up in layers, bangs was made shorter and brushed to one side.

Since she got two coloring and digital perm in the same time, her hair is liable to getting dry and damaged easily. So Yoshiko put a lot of conditionals into the hair avoid damage. The hair should be well armed against those things now.

Overall a very cool and hip haircut for Nicole, it fits her well. Sometimes we just shouldn’t hold back when we wanna look awesome 😉

Compare and see the dramatic change came to Nicole. What a new look! She is definitely happy with this result.