Janie has blonde hair, but darker roots had been sprouting on the top of her head for quite a while she came to Afrodita. It had also become wavy which needed some attention.
Janie DSCN4550 Janie DSCN4551 Janie DSCN4552

First up, Yoshiko did a touch up, she added highlights with a golden beige tone to refresh her hair color. She trimmed up the damaged parts, then added style to it. Finally, Janie’s hair was straightened to give it the finish.

Janie DSCN4553 Janie DSCN4556 Janie DSCN4557 Janie DSCN4558 Janie DSCN4559

The new golden streaks bring some shininess and life back to the hair, it also looks healthier and fresher now.

Regular customer Shellys blonde hair was already starting to fade when she came to Afrodita. She wanted to have it recolored and the hair style freshened up.

Yoshiko did a touch up and created highlights for her with 3 different colors, marigold, honey and a goldish orange tone. Colors both darker and lighter than her current, resulted in giving her a good looking balance.


The overall look got tighter and the color and bangs really fit her well now. There’s nothing like getting your hairstyle polished once in a while.
Besides going to the Onsen, thats pretty nice aswell. 😉

Take care!


First time customer Yimen asked for a better look with her dark hair. Straightening was a good suggestion for her.



Yoshiko trimmed up her hair a little to have a beautiful shape, then do Japanese thermal straightening. This technique help straighten hair but maintain the natural look of it. She parted hair in center to give Yimen an Oriental beauty look.
Yimen changed significantly for a much more beautiful look. Her face is so charming now, and the new hair is glossy with nice shape.

Tatiana had colored her natural brown her herself with a lighter color. Unfurtunally it seemed a little bleached out, leaving her light her damaged and out of shape. So she wanted to get a color correction for her hair, and get a more natural vibe to her it again.

Yoshiko used a semi-permanent dark ash color than matched her requirements. The semi-permanent isn’t as rough on the hair as permanent color, thus being a bit kinder to her  delicate hair.  Afterwards the damaged ends were trimmed out, giving her hair a more vibrant appearance.

Getting your hair highligted can often be great, but going back to the roots and taking a more natural style can really look good. Like in this case.  The hairstyle itself didn’t change that much, but elegance was definitely achieved.

Ofelia has her hair with no style at all when she came to Afrodita. Gray hair came out in the roots, and a lot of hair is also a problem. She asked for a change.

Yoshiko did coloring and cut her hair shorter. The gray roots were covered up by dark brown color to give her a younger appearance. Hair was trimmed to frame around face, and the back part was cut following layer bob style. Yoshiko made the hair be thinner for a tidy and bright look.

Ofelia’s changes after hair styling is remarkable. She looks significantly younger and more modern. She was so satisfy with this first time visit Afrodita that she mentioned to come back.