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Lauren just wanted a little trim and make her cut look bitter, since it had gone a bit out of shape as you may be able to see.

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Yoshiko was glad to apply her quick scissors and trim the ends off. Followed by layering the hair, giving it a better form.

lauren oct3 924 lauren oct3 925 laurenoct3-927

The ends really look good on her now.  Lauren really has wonderful smooth hair, fantastic ;P

Kelly came in for a cut but didn’t want anything too dramatic. She already had long, healthy, and vibrant hair, so it was a simple visit.

Kelly DSCN4056 Kelly DSCN4058


Kelly DSCN4059 Kelly DSCN4060

The hair in the back was trimmed up a bit, and layers were added. She didn’t want much of a change, however, she did ask for some fringe in the front. Yoshiko gave her huge bangs and a little bit of a curl at the end of the locks that rest in front.

This was Adeienne’s second time in, and she wanted to lighten her hair to a platinum-blonde color, as well as add bangs to her look. After discussing with Yoshiko the different ways to go, they decided on a trim with the addition of front, sweeping bangs.

yoshiko_camera 209 yoshiko_camera 208

Yoshiko applied highlights and lowlights to give Adeienne the platinum color she wanted. However, because her hair is naturally dark, toner was applied to take out some of the brassiness. Had that not been done, the hair would have turned an orange or yellow color.

yoshiko_camera 216 yoshiko_camera 215

Adeienne’s hair ended up the color she was hoping for, with a style that gives more definition to her face. And her locks look softer and inviting to touch.

Milena hadn’t had a cut in quite some time, and it was in need of shaping. It was curly and poofing out to the sides.

yoshiko_camera 185 yoshiko_camera 186

After speaking with Yoshiko, she decided that a short bob cut with a dark, urban, terra cotta color would give the look desired. We used a semi-permanent color without chemicals. It’s easy to wash out, and is helpful for those who want to try out a color without damaging their hair.

The length all over was trimmed up–no longer does it fall down to her shoulders.

yoshiko_camera 188 yoshiko_camera 189


yoshiko_camera 187

Milena’s hair is now in an easier to manage state. Not much styling or blow drying is required, and the new cut gives her eyes and skin a sharper look with a youthful appearance.

Kristi came in with her friend, Amanda. Like her, Kristi’s roots were showing and needed to be touched up. She always wanted her hair colored, but a cooler color than usual.

yoshiko_camera 152 yoshiko_camera 150


yoshiko_camera 151

Before coming in, she had previously received a bad haircut elsewhere and wanted to fix it. Yoshiko trimmed it up a bit, but left as much length as possible.

yoshiko_camera 158 yoshiko_camera 157


yoshiko_camera 156

Yoshiko also wanted to control the balance of the hair, so she evened out the thickness. The result is straight locks with coloring that not only looks natural, but still has vibrancy and is sure to catch some looks.