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First time customer Elena came to Afrodita to do roots touch up for a natural look of her hair. Elena’s chestnut color hair had not been cut for a long time so it was quite out of shape. The original bright color came out at the roots. Her hair also needs treatments since it lost its glossy look.

Elena DSCN4202

Elena DSCN4203

Elena got her hair cut, treated, and re-colored. Yoshiko gave her 5-steps treatment for a vigorous look, then trimmed up her hair in a stylish way. The deep-care treatment helps recontruct hair structure and bring it back to the healthy condition. Color tough-up made her hair looks more natural.

Elena DSCN4206

Elena DSCN4207

A total new look of hair brings to Elena a bright appearance. She got all the goals she look for when coming to a hair salon.

This is the first time Elena visits Afrodita. She planed to come back to get continously care for her hair.

Betta had her hair out of shape and color faded when she came to Afrodita. She needs to correct the color and do styling on her curl hair. What Yoshiko did for her was more than expected.

Betta DSCN4218

Yoshiko corrected color by adding three different colors subtly. She made it more briliant by some gold highlights, but not too drastic. The well combined colors gave Betta’s hair a very natural look.

Betta DSCN4221

Betta DSCN4224

Yoshiko also trimmed and shaped up the hair for a more stylish appearance. Betta’s hair is no longer curled but be framed around her face.

Betta DSCN4222


Betta DSCN4223

She has a wonderful look with this new hair. Betta is much younger and up-to-date. She was so happy that she would like to visit Afrodita much more in the future.