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This was Adeienne’s second time in, and she wanted to lighten her hair to a platinum-blonde color, as well as add bangs to her look. After discussing with Yoshiko the different ways to go, they decided on a trim with the addition of front, sweeping bangs.

yoshiko_camera 209 yoshiko_camera 208

Yoshiko applied highlights and lowlights to give Adeienne the platinum color she wanted. However, because her hair is naturally dark, toner was applied to take out some of the brassiness. Had that not been done, the hair would have turned an orange or yellow color.

yoshiko_camera 216 yoshiko_camera 215

Adeienne’s hair ended up the color she was hoping for, with a style that gives more definition to her face. And her locks look softer and inviting to touch.

When Sean came in, his hair extended down past his neckline. Wanting a change, he came to Afrodita.

yoshiko_camera 130 yoshiko_camera 129

He and Yoshiko discussed different ways they could go, and decided to go with a roundish bowl cut, but with a lot of texture added to it.

yoshiko_camera 133 yoshiko_camera 134

The result is an incredible change. Besides the obvious cutting off of a lot of hair, he was given front bangs that swoop down to the side. Sean now has a style that’ll catch eyes of those around.