Rychill has thick hair, which he hasn’t been able to style with on his own. He wants it lighter and more stylish so he can play around with it.

Yoshiko cut his hair short at the back and sides, followed by a partial disconnection style. Then gave it texture to decrease hair volume, to make it less imposing.

Rychill’s look was changed  a lot by this new hair style, he got more youthful and energic look to him now, which really comes from his shorter hair in the sides and back. Also, styling his hair now won’t be a problem from now on.

When Miho came to Afrodita, she had long straigth hair, it was her typical style and she wanted to go for something fresh and new. It should be short and wavy.

Miho DSCN4072

First up Yoshiko gave her a major cut and got rid of most of her hair she had carried around with for so long, it was time for a change alright! She stopped right at the shoulders, then giving layers and texture to frame her face. Bangs were made shorter and swept following her eyebrow line. Afterwards a Digital perm was applied at the end parts for the soft wavy look.

Miho DSCN4073

Miho may surely have lost a lot of hair, but she has gained a lot in style instead. The short haired look suits her very well, she looks cute with it. It’s hard to believe it’s the same girl from the picture before.
What a haircut can do for you ;D