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Lauren just wanted a little trim and make her cut look bitter, since it had gone a bit out of shape as you may be able to see.

lauren oct3 920 lauren oct3 921 lauren oct3 922

Yoshiko was glad to apply her quick scissors and trim the ends off. Followed by layering the hair, giving it a better form.

lauren oct3 924 lauren oct3 925 laurenoct3-927

The ends really look good on her now.  Lauren really has wonderful smooth hair, fantastic ;P

Erica wanted a major cut at Afrodita. She has long, wavy hair, and she was going for something short and straigther.

Erica DSCN4375
Yoshiko decided to give her a asssymetric cut, with long bangs at one side. She had two do a double cut on them to create the effect she was going for. Which meant cutting in shorter underneath, and keeping it longer on the outside, a disconnecting cut.

Erica DSCN4376
Erica DSCN4377 Erica DSCN4378

It suits her face really well, she was happy with the cut, so we were also happy.

Until next time!