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Jessica has been a regular at for Afrodita for quite a while. We’ll take a look at two different times she came.

The first time she came with dark straight hair. She wished for a brighter color, but gradually and not too sudden.
Jessica DSCN4436 Jessica DSCN4437


For this request, Yoshiko gave her a coloring technique called ‘soft OMBRE’, which would brighten her hair color up over a longer period of time. At this time, Jessica got a dark golden beige color with highlights on top.

Jessica DSCN4439 Jessica DSCN4440

Jessica DSCN4441

The second time Jessica came, her hair showed off the full effect of her natural wavy hair.

Jessica DSCN4602 Jessica DSCN4603

Yoshiko gave Jessicas whole head highlights and added a toner afterwards. She also straightened the wavy hair by style.

Jessica DSCN4604 Jessica DSCN4605 Jessica DSCN4606

Jessica’s hair has became brighter in a slower and more natural feely way. The new color changed her appearance gradually for a brighter look. She’ll come again to finish up this procedure.


When Jessica came to afrodita her hair had gotten a bit too curly for her taste and her darker roots had started to appear again. She needed to change something about this, and so she did, take a look at her fabulous journey.

jessicasept26-857 jessicasept26-859 jessicasept26-861

Yoshiko did a touch up on her roots, bleached them all out. She then added highlights and lowlights on top, and a toner.

jessicasept26-862 jessicasept26-863 jessicasept26-867

The result is nice looking shiny straight hair, a very big different from before. Alot of highlights were added to create this different looking hair.It looks amazing!



This time Jessica wanted some basic toner and straightened her hair with iron.



Yoshiko applied toner and made her hair a bit brighter and straigther by iron.

jessicaaug15-555 jessicaaug15-554

As always Jessica leaves Afrodita with a splendid new look. Take care ! 🙂

Forward time by a couple of weeks, and Jessica’s roots have started to show again, plus her curly hair does what curly hair loves to do.
To e curly. ;P

feb 002 feb 003 feb 004
So Yoshiko cut her ends and colored her hair in a darker ombre tone this time, aswell as adding a few brighter highlights for the overall style. This should make her reapearing roots have less dominance when they return.

feb 005 feb 007 feb 008 feb 010
Finishing with iron straightening the hair, Jessica is left with a beautiful hairstyle. But we have a feeling it might just be her that makes every cut look good aswell ;).

Possessing volumous, waving hair, Nicole wanted to change it to straight and shiny hair.



Yoshiko gave her Japanese termal hair straightening. This technique brings forth a natural look for straigtened hair.

Then her hair was shaped up to frame her face, condition was used to ge the shiny look she desired.





Nicole’s straigth hair appears finer now, and is a excellent fit for her style. The shine is also easy to notice on the dark hair she has, adding a bit of radiance to her superb new hair.

When Kat came to us, her blonde hair had started to fade and become ashy. She wanted to touch it up and get a more stylish look to it.
Kat DSCN4327   Kat DSCN4328

Yoshiko colored her hair with a goldish tone. Highlights with the color honey wheat was added to the whole of Kat’s hair. Afterwards she got it  trimmed up, straightened and made the bangs smooth and nice.


Kat DSCN4329Kat DSCN4330

The result is amazing. She end up with preciser and smoother hair and you can really feel the powerful aura of honey radiate from her.

Thats honey wheat for you 😉

First time customer Birn has straight blonde hair. A darker color started to come out at the roots, so she wanted her hair retouched.
Birn DSCN4512 Birn DSCN4513 Birn DSCN4514

So Yoshiko took the fight up with the darker hair, that was over so slowly reclaiming her head, and colored it blonde so that it finally fit with the rest again. Then the she got a brief cut and the hair straightened.

Birn DSCN4515




Birn DSCN4516 Birn DSCN4517

The change done to Birn’s hair wasn’t actually that big,  but small changes can still have an astounding effect on the overall view, as can be seen well in Birn’s case here.
The hair even looks more lively and energetic, as if it were alive ;p. Anyway, it looks awesome.

We hope you had an nice day Birn. 😉


Melissa had come to our salon with her friend, she was seeking for a straight hair.

She naturally had a nice wavy hair, which asian girls pays for it.

But, people always want what they don’t have.



In our salon, there are some type of straightening systems, each of them could give different result,  have a different texture, nuance.

After talking with yoshiko, she decided to have Japanese straghtening which could give her strong but beautiful straight.



This is the result! Japanese straghtening is a thermal straghtening system which can last forever unless the hair gets damages (Damage can bend the hair, especially ends part.).

Another advantage of the straight hair is the shine. the light tend to reflect easier on a plane surface than the uneven surface, of course.

Now she’s got a nice and shiny hair!!