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When Brenda visited Afrodita, her existing color was fading and growing out. As you can see, her hair was getting a darker feel to it, and she wanted it brightened up.

yoshiko_camera 065 yoshiko_camera 064

Yoshiko treated the roots and gave her highlights all around. Along with this, the hair was trimmed up, and Brenda was given side bangs.

yoshiko_camera 068 yoshiko_camera 069

Her locks now sweep over the front of her face and give off an asymmetric look.

The end result is her hair looks to have more volume, and is a more vivid color than when she came in.

Tessa has natural curls in her hair, and she was worried about cutting too much hair off. She also had concern about her bangs.

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Yoshiko talked with her and helped alleviate any fears. She gave our customer a layered bob with slightly longer-to-the-side bangs.

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Yoshiko trimmed her hair length up a bit and helped the hair in a way to look it more voluminous.

Tessa was playing with the idea of having her hair colored, but opted to do that on her next visit.

Anita is a regular customer who always gets her roots touched up. When she came in this time, she wanted a bit of a change.

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After talking a bit, Yoshiko decided to give her an asymmetrical bob with highlights.

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This new look helped to round out her face, and because it was trimmed up a bit, the look helped to show off her neck.

Yoshiko gave her side bangs that help make her face more shapely and gives definition to her cheeks and other areas.