When Miho came to Afrodita, she had long straigth hair, it was her typical style and she wanted to go for something fresh and new. It should be short and wavy.

Miho DSCN4072

First up Yoshiko gave her a major cut and got rid of most of her hair she had carried around with for so long, it was time for a change alright! She stopped right at the shoulders, then giving layers and texture to frame her face. Bangs were made shorter and swept following her eyebrow line. Afterwards a Digital perm was applied at the end parts for the soft wavy look.

Miho DSCN4073

Miho may surely have lost a lot of hair, but she has gained a lot in style instead. The short haired look suits her very well, she looks cute with it. It’s hard to believe it’s the same girl from the picture before.
What a haircut can do for you ;D

Ofelia has her hair with no style at all when she came to Afrodita. Gray hair came out in the roots, and a lot of hair is also a problem. She asked for a change.

Yoshiko did coloring and cut her hair shorter. The gray roots were covered up by dark brown color to give her a younger appearance. Hair was trimmed to frame around face, and the back part was cut following layer bob style. Yoshiko made the hair be thinner for a tidy and bright look.

Ofelia’s changes after hair styling is remarkable. She looks significantly younger and more modern. She was so satisfy with this first time visit Afrodita that she mentioned to come back.

When Natalia came, her hair was not so much styling. dyed brown, thin and touch shoulder. She wants a change, especially brighter hair to be blonde.


In Afrodita, she got her hair trimmed up in layers. It was colored to be blonde, which helps significantly brighten her face.

A shorter bang is compatible with her face shape. Yoshiko made hair becomes more volumous on the top.

Natalia’s image is dramatical changed. She looks much brighter and more vital with this new hair style.

Jeremiah’s hair wasn’t bad to begin with, but it had some unevenness to its volume. He wanted his style to have a more professional appearance.

yoshiko_camera 142

The overall length on top didn’t change, but his front bangs and sides were shortened with the front now standing up.

yoshiko_camera 143 yoshiko_camera 144

Yoshiko evened out the thickness of the hair to give it a uniform volume. Jeremiah’s look is now more professional and oozes cool, while still letting a playful personality shine through.

David came in and told Yoshiko he wanted a major change. He usually had his hair gelled and slicked back and expressed his desire to go for something different.

yoshiko_camera 061 yoshiko_camera 060

He wanted a look similar to actor Charlie Hunnam’s. David also wanted to cut off quite a bit of hair for his new look.

yoshiko_camera 062 yoshiko_camera 063

The end result above shows a more manageable style with the hair no longer reaching his shoulders. While still combed back, the shortened hair gives David a more distinguished look.