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The top of Berenike’s hair was very bleached out when she arrived at Afrodita. She wanted it recolored, but she wanted to go darker, so she needed a color correction.

Berenike yoshiko_camera 260  Berenike yoshiko_camera 261


Berenike yoshiko_camera 262  Berenike yoshiko_camera 263

Berenike wanted a natural, ashy, dark brown look. It needed to be toned down from what it was. Yoshiko worked with her to darken the strands. The ends of the hair in the back already had a dark brown color, so the idea was to match that.

The back now has a lot of reddish blonde color added, and the overall appearance of the hair has been darkened.

Berenike yoshiko_camera 264  Berenike yoshiko_camera 265


Berenike yoshiko_camera 266  Berenike yoshiko_camera 267

Some of the highlighted strands were left unchanged to give the hair some style, but really, the rest of the hair was scaled down in terms of brightness. What remains is a style that matches Berenike’s features and skin tone wonderfully.

This was Berenike’s first visit, and because the process would be so involved, the color correction was split over multiple visits.