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Eli hadn’t payed attention to his hair for far to long, he wanted a more professional look to his hairstyle.

Eli DSCN4313

Yoshiko cut the sides alot, but left quite a bit of hair on the top. Then added Pomade styling wax to give his hair some shine and style.

Eli DSCN4314  Eli DSCN4316

He looks neat and cool now after the haircut. This shorter hairstyle fits him a lot better, since it also reveals more of his face. See you around again Eli!

Kay came to Afrodita with red hair which was starting fading out. She asked for a recoloring and shape up.

Kay yoshiko_camera 268


Kay yoshiko_camera 270


Kay yoshiko_camera 271

Yoshiko touched up Kay’s hair with the same red color as last time, but also added vivid red streaks in the back to make it look fresher. Her hair was trimmed up with lots of layers and nice bangs were made. A little styling was used to make hair look straight.

Kay yoshiko_camera 272


Kay yoshiko_camera 273


Kay yoshiko_camera 274

Kay received a big change with this look. Her hair is tidy and fresh with red highlights, and the bangs made her face more charming.

Jennifer came in with a simple request: add some red streaks to her locks. Yoshiko suggested adding vivid red strands, but without dominating her existing hair color. The result is color that accents her naturally dark hair.


jennifer DSCN4028  jennifer DSCN4032

After being pleased with the results of her first visit, Tessa returned to Afrodita. But this time she wanted to add color to her hair.

yoshiko_camera 166 yoshiko_camera 164

She wanted to go with a color that would match well with her skin tone. Yoshiko and her decided a burgundy color would contrast well with her complexion.

yoshiko_camera 167 yoshiko_camera 169


yoshiko_camera 171

Her styling remained the same as when she came in, but her hair was given new life with the new color. The natural curls in Tessa’s hair help to catch the light and give off the appearance of different shades of red.