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Sarah’s hair was long all over, but she only wanted length in the front. Having consulted with Yoshiko, she decided to go short on the rest of her strands.

yoshiko_camera 173 yoshiko_camera 174


yoshiko_camera 175 yoshiko_camera 176


yoshiko_camera 178

Hair that used to extend to the nape of her neck now flairs out in the back with wispy strands that add texture. Combined with the sweeping front bangs, the new style gives a playful appearance.

Jeremiah’s hair wasn’t bad to begin with, but it had some unevenness to its volume. He wanted his style to have a more professional appearance.

yoshiko_camera 142

The overall length on top didn’t change, but his front bangs and sides were shortened with the front now standing up.

yoshiko_camera 143 yoshiko_camera 144

Yoshiko evened out the thickness of the hair to give it a uniform volume. Jeremiah’s look is now more professional and oozes cool, while still letting a playful personality shine through.